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Daljeet Singh

I am a third year Software Development and Network Engineering student at Sheridan College with a passion for Web development, Mobile Application development, Blockchain and Cloud Computing. I have gained software development experience while working at consulting (EDGE), startup (LIOHAN) and finance (TD Bank) sectors. Moreover, I am an executive member at Google DSC at my college where I host workshops and assist students in growing as a developer by building solutions and developing knowledge about wide range of technologies. Currently, I am open to any part time opportunities in the domain of computer programming, software development and web development.


  • Email: daljeet@devdaljeet.com
  • Phone: 437-238-9294
  • City: Brampton, ON

Technical Skills

The grading/ranking is based on: less than 50 being basic (familiar), 51-80 being intermediate (Proficient) and 81-100 being advanced (fluent).

Web Technologies

HTML5 95%
Sass 85%
JavaScript 85%
AJAX 85%
React 80%
Angular 80%
Bubble.io 90%
CSS3 85%
Bootstrap 80%
TypeScript 80%
JQuery 80%
Redux 80%
Node.js 75%

Programming Languages

Java 85%
C# 75%
C 80%
Python 85%
Bash Shell Scripting 85%

Java Frameworks

JavaFx 85%
JUnit 5 / JUnit 4 80%

Android Application Development

Android Studio80%
XML 80%


Microsoft Azure75%


Cosmos SDK75%
Tendermint Core75%
Ignite CLI (Prev Starport)80%
Ethereum (EVM)75%


Microsoft SQL Server 75%
MongoDB 80%
PL/SQL 80%
MySQL 80%
SQL (Structured Query Language) 85%